Difference between the two T’s-TRAINING and TEACHING…

Difference between the two T’s-TRAINING and TEACHING:

Quite a few of us get confused with the difference between Teaching and Training …. This was the first and foremost question that I was asked at my earlier job!!! As per several dictionary definitions, Teaching is “to cause to know something, to impart knowledge or to instruct by example”, where as Training is “to form by instruction, discipline” or “to make prepared for a test or skill.”

From these definitions, we can clearly understand that teaching is more theory oriented and training practice oriented. A teacher creates an awareness of the concept, and provides new knowledge; a trainer helps in understanding the practical application of this knowledge. As it is said, everyday is a learning day but not a training day… At times, while being trained in many organizations, we go through the process of learning and unlearning. This implies unlearning the school concepts and learning the corporate (practical) concepts. Teacher verbally says what the concept is, but in training you would know how it is done. Teaching makes others to know, whereas training makes others to work. A Teacher provides information on a large area, but a trainer provides intensive information in small area… A Teacher brings out the capability to acquire knowledge whereas a trainer brings out your hidden talent.

We need to be acquainted with many skills which would be very useful to succeed in the journey called “LIFE”, and quite a few of these skills can be acquired through training.

To conclude, I feel both training and teaching have their own importance, where training may have a higher impact on learning by way of active participation by interaction, team plays, games, and several other activities which reduce the inhibitions in participants, making them more competent bringing out the hidden talent within one selves.

Kavitha Gayathri
Associate- Client Relations

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