Why TCG?


We believe that we are best suited to be your partners in learning and growth. This is because of the very motive behind TCG coming into being and successfully co-existing in this competitive world for a good seven years. It is this motive which will keep each one of us at TCG working towards your success in the future. It is this motive that is our USP, our differentiator.It is the motive of sharing our expertise, our passion towards knowledge and skill enhancement for overall development of each individual/organization in our circle of influence. Now, how does this make us different? Well, the way this motive makes us different is by way of ensuring that we work with a passion for growing your business and nurturing your people, with the end objective of seeing organic and tangible growth for you.

We exist not with the objective of achieving banal satisfactions derived through being competition to someone, being the best in business or earning the most money. We are our own competition. We believe that we will only fail when we stop learning and when we stop sharing our learning with you.

TCG’s core strengths:

Our team: Our team’s credentials speak for themselves. Three senior consultants complimented by a strong team of consultants ensure that each delivery made to a client is effective and of the highest quality. Corporate Strategy, operations excellence, market optimization and human resource augmentation are few areas of expertise that team brings. Every client request is attended to by a SME to ensure effective solutions. Every solution provided is researched, analysed, assessed for suitability and then executed.

Our experience: TCG is seven years old and still going strong. Having seen through the bullish and then the bearish market, TCG has been reached time and again by the industry to cater to its diverse needs. This experience stands us in good stead while dealing with varied industries and client base.Every solution provided is researched, analysed, assessed for suitability and then executed.

Our expertise: Over the years TCG has developed unique expertise in providing growth oriented solutions to all its clients. This is not surprising when you have had an opportunity to service organizations which are a part of the prestigious Fortune 500 companies on the one end, and on the other clients who work in the community service space. Customized solutions are a result of this expertise.