HR Outsourcing


HR Outsourcing is a viable alternative for companies that do not have the internal resources to handle all or part of the function themselves. To be successful, however, outsourcing must be chosen only after considerable analysis has been completed and a strategy developed. TCG assists clients in need analysis to make a more informed decision on outsourcing the HR function.

The typical HR Responsibilities include

  • Support in business planning
  • Manpower Planning
  • Job analysis and Job description
  • Determining wages and salaries
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Induction
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Training and Development
  • Employee welfare and motivation
  • Addressing employees grievances
  • Labor management relations
  • Implementing organizational policies
  • Dismissal and redundancy

and above all build a frame work for the most critical asset of the organization – human asset.

Given the magnitude and the importance of each of these activities for an organization, the need to have these systems to provide highest employee engagement cannot be denied. So, how do organizations which do not wish to incur additional costs and yet wish to have a robust and successful HR function deal with optimization of the costs incurred with implementing a full-fledged HR system? Outsourcing is the answer.

Outsourcing your HR function benefits you in the following ways:

  • Concentrate on your core competency and take expert support in managing your HR Department
  • Develop a cost effective HR Department with consistency in managing people processes & development
  • Setup the HR Department and manage through person independent & your business vision driven systems.
  • Bring the expertise & ability of managing Multi-Industry exposure to sectors like Services, IT, ITES/BPO, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education, Insurance and many other areas.
  • Build & implement project based HR processes to give your organization a world-class touch

Benefits for the Organization include: Reduced Liability, Increased Employee Productivity, Reduced Cost of Labor, Increased Profits, Strategic Decision Making, Reduced Turnover, and Focus on Business.

Benefits for Managers include: Focus on People, Reduce Workload, Data Driven Management, Eliminate Administrative Burden, and Keep within Budget.

Benefits for Employees include: Clear Expectations, 24-Hour Access to Records, A Better Workplace.