Difference between the two T’s-TRAINING and TEACHING…

Difference between the two T’s-TRAINING and TEACHING: Quite a few of us get confused with the difference between Teaching and Training …. This was the first and foremost question that I was asked at my earlier job!!! As per several dictionary definitions, Teaching is “to cause to know something, to impart knowledge or to instruct […]


Training and its success factors

Training and its success factors: The ‘Need TO Train’: The Need FOR Training… Training, Learning, Re-Skilling… call it what one may. It remains an activity driven by the need underlying it. In training, with the my little experience as a facilitator, I have found an interesting phenomenon that I have started to believe drives whether […]


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On behalf of the TCG team, I share our immense pleasure in being able to connect with our learning partners, our clients, our participants and our well wishers through this blog.

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