Staffing Services


Successful organizations want to focus on their core areas of business aiming to reduce their time and costs on the non-core areas. TCG brings a basket of services to take care of the non-core activities for you. Our services bring value to your time by helping you to manage the entire gamut of HR services so that you can focus on making your bottom-line look better. With our experience in the industry we understand that you want to:

  • Increase your Productivity
  • Optimally utilize the available Staff’s skills and capabilities
  • Reduce and optimize your staffing costs
  • Increase customer retention with improved service quality
  • Rationalize your organization with the right balance of generalists and specialists
  • Have the right balance of support and strategic shared service units
  • Chance for immediate employment and your foot in the door

To do the above, TCG offers you Staffing models to choose from. Staffing services we offer are: